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We Love Bringing People Together Through Radio And Community, We Are 195 The Globe

We’re currently a small group of three (Janeen Lea, Chris Nusbaum and David Dunphy) but we all love radio and people! That’s how we created our slogan, unity through community!
We wanted to create a place that combines the unique aspects of radio with the joy of people coming together to have fun. So through our programs, events we’ll be holding in the coming months and more, we hope to spark new friendships while providing high quality entertainment for all. We have high expectations for ourselves and expect you as listeners will hold us to your own. So sit back relax and enjoy the globe!

Important Web Site Notes

Our contributor application will be up at the first of the year. Thanks to feedback from you, we’re redesigning it to be more user friendly to complete. Plus with the holidays, we wouldn’t be able to provide the quick response times we normally would, so we’ll have this up right after the first of the year, along with our station’s program schedule.

How To Get In Touch

Feel free to get in touch by either

So happy to have you along for our journey; we can’t wait to meet you!


To Will Ouellette, (A K A Mr. WDJm3) one of the globe founders (1978-2018). Thank you for bringing people together through radio, fun and laughter, all the things we’re all about. Thanks, also, for all the many years of laughs and memories we’ll always have of you. We love and miss you.